Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nice Day for a White Wedding

This intimate yet grand wedding I just drempt up was inspired by two things:
1. Accidentally driving by Nottoway Plantation (White Castle, LA) on a road trip last year and then seeing their incredible all-white ballroom
2. A couple of photos I've drooled over for years giving me color-scheme and style ideas


{The ceremony would be held in a grove of ancient oaks on the beautiful Nottoway grounds, a cocktail hour would follow inside and outside the first floor of the manse}

{Of course one must remove all wall art, furniture, and lighting...I guess the curtains can stay...but the white lace sheers must go!  This ballroom is surrounded by a stunning second-floor veranda where guests can take to the sweet Louisiana breezes when not dancing to the dixieland band}

The old-world, ornate, all-white ballroom would be the most chic backdop for some really modern and color-saturated decor.

{Teal, Fuchsia, & Metalic Brass}

In the Room:
{Switch the chandeliers to some sparkley mid-century brass}

{Fabulous and geometric brass shelf holding the escort cards surrounded by an agate and crystal collection}

{Custom teal neon of the Newlywed's surname above the ornate mantels}

{Well you've just got to have a brass cake, don't you?}

At the White Linened Tables:

{Bride and Groom's chairs (that textile - I could die!), Guest chairs}

{Polished brass and vintage teal glass vessels with fuchsia ranunculus and peonies, and a sprinkling of white plaster busts all on a white neon-filled perspex box provide a fascinating an super-cool centerpiece cluster}

 Now that's a wedding with style!


  1. I can't wait for you to get married so I can attend what will undoubtedly be, the swankiest wedding of the century! =)

  2. Love it! Get married or be an event planner already!!!;)