Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fantasy Bachelorette Pad - Part 1

I'll start off with the first in a series I'm calling "Fantasy Bachelorette Pad".  In every installment I'll cover a different room of the house, today I'm going with one of the most important rooms in a bachelorette's house and a collection of good 'ol fashioned closet porn...

Of course I couldn't leave out Carrie Bradshaw's closet...

Some of my favorite blogger's closets, Jane Aldrige from Sea of Shoes (above), and The Glamourai, Kelly Framel (below)

This Chanel-inspired dressing room/closet is absolutely real from a quite outlandish piece of real estate in my north Texas neck-o-the-woods.

Now that you're all wishing you could get dressed in one of these beauties, I leave you all to your fabulous day!


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