Sunday, October 9, 2011

Let's Play Dress Up - Part 1

It's almost Halloween time, kiddos and that has me thinking of costume ideas!  Today my cousin asked me to help her come up with some great Katy Perry costume ideas, which is a perfect idea since pretty much everything Katy Perry wears is an outlandish costume in some way.

I came up with two ideas...

#1 Teenage Dream:

This nude American Apparel dress strategically covered in frothy pink cotton complete with a lavender wig and DIY heart headband.

#2 Candy Glam:

Absolutely must have a blue wig, pink petticoat skirt (again, american apparel) and a cheap bustier bra covered in candy-like rhinestones and sheer ruffle trim!  This look should definitely be finished off with a ring pop.

Happy trick-or-treating! Next I'll show you what MY costume shall be...or possibly more appropriately WOULD be since I'm moving that weekend and will most likely be consumed with that task and ignoring Halloween...sigh.

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