Sunday, October 9, 2011

Let's Play Dress Up - Part 2

Now for my costume inspiration!

Keep your men at bay! It's the oh-so-fabulous Joan Holloway from Mad Men!  As a buxom redhead myself, she's the perfect character to channel this Halloween! 

Here are some options for my costumery...

The signature gold pen necklace and a lapel pin are a MUST!

Of course some Lucky Strikes would make this costume a bit more accurate...

Joan is pure perfection and instead of being a sexy [insert profession here] or throwing on some lingerie and calling it a costume like so many desperate, unoriginal ladies out there...I prefer to have a bit more imagination and show, just like Joan, that being clever and stylish can be super sexy!

{and yes I am aware that my previous costume post did include a piece of lingerie, but COME ON! It was pretty cute, and hopefully not too, too, overt!}

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