Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Double Rainbow

The cooling weather (*cooling in Texas means we only hit 93 degrees during the day and it's actually an astonishingly cool night tonight at 67!!) has gotten me into such a cheerful mood I thought I'd explore perhaps the cheeriest color-combo ever.  From a complete lack of color with yesterday's lucite post, to the polar opposite...let's break the white light and go over the rainbow together, shall we....

vintage acrylic bangle

I'd taste this rainbow for sure

these floors from the NYC Kate Spade flagship are a DIY project gone insane!  I'd love to try this in a smaller space, like a powder room, with vinyl floor tape

unexpected stairs in Germany

nesting chairs

another floor tape project (above and below)

While I'm talking about rainbow floors, allow me to share with you the most amazing parquet floors out there:


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  1. Yes, lovely weather we are having today in Texas! Today I took my dog to the dog park and it was a wondrously cool 88 degrees!!!! I am hoping for similar temperatures tomorrow!