Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fantasy Bachelorette Pad - Part 5: The Bedroom

To me, the bedroom is the most sacred space in my really is a sanctuary from the stress of the day and therefore the decor should certainly make one happy!  This bedroom collection was actually harder to compile than the kitchen post.  I'm never afraid of color, and my own bedroom is definitely a testament to that - but I love my all-white bed.  In my proudest DIY moment, I upholstered a simple white headboard. (looks just like the one below except, you know...white.)  Perhaps before I move -which hopefully will be very soon- I'll do a post on my own house. 

Now for a few beautiful boudoirs...

{my favorite light fixture, ever.  Kelly Wearstler's bedroom}

{Jonathan Adler-designed Parker Palm Springs hotel}

{Carrie Bradshaw's fictional bedroom, my walls are actually the EXACT same color}

{love the gloss on these walls.  This one's actually getting pretty close to my actual bedroom, just add a fuschia velvet chaise lounge and some more colorful art...I will take those lamps though - with one of THESE on top!}

Apparently I like canopy beds.  I had one from age was a queen-sized oak and white eyelet beauty, perhaps I'll share a photo this week.

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