Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Half Moonlight Manicure

So it all started with THIS photo:

That, my dears, is a half-moon manicure with navy, taupe and a tip of gold on the fingers of designer Gretchen Jones.  You may remember her from her stint as the runner-up on last season's Project Runway.  She just made a splash at NYFW, I suggest you check her out! 
ANYWAY, her nails are pretty much the coolest I've ever seen.  So that got me started on my quest for more nail-spiration.

Totally jeweled + gold = Wowsa.

In contemplating what I would actually do with mine tonight I perused my collection of polishes and a certain color combo popped out at me.  I'd seen this before!  Never before have I taken beauty inspiration so literally from an article of clothing.  Much less a shoe!  Making I think their second (maybe third, I love them that much) appearance on this blog it's the Miu Miu glitter/suede lovelies back again! (and the resulting nails...I just wish I was more skilled at polish application!)

Now if someone would just gift me the shoes....

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