Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fantasy Bachelorette Pad - Part 4: The Kitchen

It's time again for the latest installment of The Fantasy Bachelorette Pad!  Are you excited?  I'm sure you are!  Today I'll be delivering a sampling of gorgeous kitchens.  This has been the hardest room for me to nail down photographically.  There seems to be a great lack of material on what I would consider my kitchen style.  Most of what one finds out there is either too traditional, too cold, or just too something.  Kitchens, more than any other room in the house seem to suffer from "cookie-cutter" syndrome.  A lack of personality and character is something I simply cannot abide by!  So here are some lovelies I've found, I think they all have something different and interesting to offer.  Quite a lot of them have marble islands to offer, I'm pretty sure I'm a fan...

{I love wallpaper in a kitchen}

{A great example of how when renovating a retro house it is absolutely not necessary to (gasp!) "rip everything out"}

{seriously cool kitchen from 1964, however - I'd ditch the copper ware on the wall...PS- is that a rotisserie chicken in the fireplace?!?}

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